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No Jumper Podcast Ocean Wisdom on collaborating with Dizzee Rascal & Method Man, Insane Techn


We sat down with Ocean Wisdom, rapper from Camden, London who rapped 932 words faster in his single "Walkin" than the Guinness Record Holder Eminem who delivered 1560 on his single "Rap God". Ocean Wisdom details how he got his start in music, delivering technical bars, working with Dizzee Rascal and Method Man, and much more in his first No Jumper interview with Adam22! Recorded at Keakie in Shoreditch, London. 0:32 what is like going on Charlie rap show to freestyle ant not messing up 1:54 being really into technical rap and trying really hard with lyrics 2:26 eminim 4:48 starting off beat boxing 7:00 starting off making music and mimicking American rappers 8:00 making music with method man and dizzy rascal 10:54 working with dizzy in the studio 13:24 watching dizzy rascal breaking through and break barriors 15:30 first getting recognition for making music 16:46

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