No Jumper Podcast NJ Show 31


Episode 00:00 Viagra talk 3:30 Yuriy's party experience 5:14 Adam reads Housephone text back talking about him being MIA + Yuriy justifies difficulties of being on time 6:40 Yuriy having * @ work and in the OSS bathroom? 8:10 Yuriy on meeting his girlfriend because of NJ 9:13 Sam Smith singing with Kian and JC 10:45 Yuriy says Camgirl also found his relationship through NJ "Absolutely not!" 12:08 Logan Paul fired from the Raya app 14:08 Yuriy eats way too much Jack n the Box 16:09 Camgirl and Yuriy Omegle crazy story!! 21:42 Adam remembers wanting to show off back in the day while doing extra curricular activities 25:00 Yuriy d*** problem in high school 25:50 Camgirl got striked from Omegle story 27:18 exposing ppl on Omegle 28:40 Adam recalls that Cam'ron wanted to do a show like "catch a predator" 30:44 The morality of exposing ppl for content vs actually helping someone 32:39 Doing catch a predator reverse with cougars 34:48 Whats the difference between a bar and tinder?? 36:15 Adam being friends with G Herbo and the science behind rap album skits 40:45 Doja Cat rants on IG about Russ + girls looking different on socials vs real life and unattainable standards of beauty 44:46 Adam talks about what happened to Jake Paul in Vegas 47:39 Tony in the hood wearing a Swastika 49:17 Back on the Gigi vs Jake Paul story 53:33 Never Tweet while you're drunk 54:16 Yuber getting tatts for the livestream is getting ridiculous 55:33 Yuriy thinking about getting a tattoo for $1000 55:55 Yuriy should join the Jake Paul academy 58:43 Last time Yuriy had a very bad day, the cat story 1:03:25 Adam being a cat lover makes him want to have kids 1:04:23 Bringing your kids to Rolling Loud 1:06:06 Jake Paul being in the new Lil Xan music video 1:10:05 Restricting ppl on IG 1:10:34 We are closing the OSS store, the end of an era + The demise of Melrose and Fairfax 1:19:13 Pop Smoke and more speculations around his passing 1:24:39 The app that helps homeowners to protect their house 1:26:56 The citizen app and the homeless community 1:29:27 Downtown LA is pretty hectic when it comes to homeless 1:34:45 The Logan Paul and Mike interview 1:36:25 Who is better looking Yuriy or Mike? 1:38:31 Adam wants to film a vlog with Yuriy working out 1:50:22 Yuriy needs to rebrand 1:53:42 Yuriy not knowing that p**king is bad for you 1:56:46 Yuriy is oblivious to the steps he needs to take to build the foundation of his relationship --- #NoJumper #Live FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: Join The Discord:

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