No Jumper Podcast Day Sulan on Being From Compton, Being Homeless, Stripping, Signing to YG &


Day Sulan sat down with Adam for a fire new interview, where she talks about all the hoops she had to go through to make a life for herself, the grind and everything that eventually led to sign with YG! 6:38 - How Day started dancing at 18 "I was raised thinking this is a path I would take regardless. I was able to hide it the whole time I was doing it" 11:47 - "Damn near every rapper that I admire hit on me when I was dancing" + Being in a terrible relationship while being homeless 18:52 - Meeting YG @ AOD and their great work relationship 29:03 - Sacrificing fast money to invest in music + Going to jail for a day for robbery ----- FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: and adam22hoe on Snapchat

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