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NIQUE Gang Gang



LYRICS VERSE Flow is water like Wells, Fargo. Run up on us get jacked, Harlow. Y’all are gassed like you bout to make Car go. Y’all are trash I just carry like cargo. Leave me open imma sink, Everytime. You know I’m flowing like a broke sink, everytime. Best bars here they gon prolly think mine you don’t think I rhyme 10 then You prolly think 9, yeah. Y’all are fishy and i never plate raw. This a Bar exam boy you know I stay law. Y’all got the bars like a phone that don’t call so if y’all tryna show me raps imma say naw. cool on that no one schooling me, naw. I just bang like the tool on me, naw. I got it locked you can’t pull on me, naw Always got a tune on me like it’s Toonami, naw. HOOK Sinville what I main mayne. (Yeah) Woodgrain be the gang gan

  • Producer: LA Justice
  • Release Date: