Zephire Disappointment

  • Album: Disappointment

today we have an especially jazzy track for your ears, by up-and-coming artist Zephire. this track is a really nice taste of the future of jazz. bringing old, lo-fi sounds, together with futuristic production styles. there is something special about the simplicity of this track, and it is really full of emotion. definitely gotta play this one a few times in a row! be sure to follow Zephire and keep up with his latest work! follow Zephire: https://soundcloud.com/zephireedm follow night owl collective: https://soundcloud.com/nightowlcollective https://facebook.com/nightowlcollectiveofficial https://nightowlcollective.bandcamp.com https://instagram.com/night_owl_collective https://twitter.com/night_owl_music FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.toneden.io/nightowlcollective/post/zephire-disappointment DONATE: https://nightowlcollective.bandcamp.com/album/zephire-disappointment mastering by: Jade Cicada - https://soundcloud.com/jadecicada artwork by: Jonny Ha$h - https://soundcloud.com/jonnyhashmusic !!! COPYRIGHT INFO: https://nightowlcollective.net/licensing

  • Album: Disappointment
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