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Synergy Sound Flight


annnnd.... WE'RE BACK. did you miss us? cuz we sure missed you. it was a nice little break for a bit, but it'll be a long time until we do that again - our schedule is packed full of epic releases for the rest of the year! feels right kicking things back into gear with Synergy Sound - a duo that is really defining the Night Owl sound. this track, "Flight", is actually a single taken from their upcoming 11-track album "Beyond". we'll be releasing another single from the album in a few days on May 4th, and then the rest of the tracks will be self-released 1-by-1 on their own soundcloud after that. this tune really is something that touches the soul - stick around for more incredible tracks from these guys! they're on their way to the top <3 [artwork by Nathaniel Parrot] stream / free download / buy: follow Synergy Sound: h

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