Superb Lyres Sober


today, two new little birdies enter our nest. S. Lyre, and L. Lyre, otherwise known as the one and only Superb Lyres. they each have their own unique style, but when they work together it creates a whole new magical sound. we are very pleased to have them be a part of our family, and we welcome them with open wings. their track, "Sober", is simply a work of art. there are many beautiful noises to be heard in this piece of music. this is a good one for sitting back and just closing your eyes and letting it take you to another realm. definitely give these guys a follow, and you can also listen to their own personal music projects here: (*)> / ) /" <3 follow Superb Lyres: follow night owl collective: FREE DOWNLOAD: DONATE: https://soundcloud.c

  • Release Date: April 8, 2019

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