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Phoenix Down Sodapop


follow Phoenix Down: @phoenixdownmusic FREE DOWNLOAD: DONATE: today we are showcasing the first ever release from Phoenix Down, a two-member producer duo with one member in California and the other in Florida. this is definitely a great representation of their sound and style, who they are and what kind of vibes you can expect from them in the future! the track, "Sodapop", starts out with a synth and a whistle that sing together in harmony with a melody that sets the mood for the entire song. there are a lot of unique sounds placed throughout the track and one of those is the "sodapop sound" itself - keep an ear out for it ;) we really hope you enjoy this piece of music, and we look forward to hearing how Phoenix Down grows and blossoms over time! this song was mastered by Icarus Moth - @icarusmoth artwork by Jonny Ha$h - @jonnyhashmusic

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