AMPRO All The Little Things

  • Album: All The Little Things

today we have a very emotional and heartfelt piece of music to share with all of you. this track is our first ever release by AmPro, another new addition to the collective. AmPro has had his focus on heavier Neuro style music for a long time now, but with the recent rise of Night Owl Collective, it has inspired him to dig deeper into his roots of Jazz-influenced music, and we are so happy to see this and be able to be a part of it. his song, "All The Little Things", is meant to capture the feelings of all of the little things in this world that make life so beautiful. it features some recordings of his baby daughter, Vera, as well as some amazing vocal edit work and luscious jazz synth melodies, with a smooth hip-hop-influenced beat. when you listen to this song, just close your eyes, and find yourself in a dream-like state of mind, surrounded by all the wonderful things that fill your heart with love. be sure to follow AmPro if you dig this style because he has A LOT of incredible pieces of music in the works, and we will be seeing a lot more of him on Night Owl Collective. follow AmPro: follow night owl collective

  • Album: All The Little Things
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