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Nicarochi " UNSCRIPTED "

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" UNSCRIPTED " is the perfect tittle for the latest installment following his studio album MAC LIFE. This project hits on all types of subjects and the different styles in which Nicarochi chooses to attack the wide variety of beats to allow you too really get a point of view from every character/alter ego and edited scenes from various films and interviews helps with a visual of what the artist is trying to capture on this project. Complemented by crafty word play, confidence, swagger, aggression, showmanship, southern draw, melodic flows, lyrical content, timeless bars, street smarts, multiple styles, " UNSCRIPTED " offers you more than your average or typical southern project. The first project from the MAC LIFE series is sure to have you wanting more!!

  • Runtime: 56 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: