Nenjah Nycist love.lo: a lo-fi beat tape

From the heart of nenjah nycist: "for the loved ones eye lost to cancer and disease. created during a mourning period in my life, "love.lo" is a low fidelity soundtrack about love, life, death, and understanding. eye only wish to pay tribute to the loved ones to keep their spirit high - something they have done for me countless times throughout my existence. in times where we feel hopelessness and despair, one can only realize that NRG is neither created nor destroyed. what we see isn't always what's real and what's real isn't always what we see. thank you for listening as always and find time today to spread love, love yourself, and love.lo." - nenjahprod. & mixed by nenjah nycist in the dojo studios, brooklyn, ny. mastered by gary nieves jr at cobra sun studios, sinyart: @brainrapp
  • Producer: Nenjah Nycist
  • Release Date: April 18, 2018