A Lo Oscuro Podcast S2 E15. Vanessa Guillen - Period Sex - Caught Cheating


TRENDING TOPIC Vanessa Guillen a soldier that made a commitment to serve this country we call the United States. More than 10 weeks after she mysteriously vanished from Fort Hood, human remains were found in a grave a couple miles away from the army base. Her supposed killer committed suicide when the police was going to arrest him for the murder of Vanessa Guillen. The same name that Vanessa said that was sexually harassing her, Aron Robinson. I believe the army was trying to cover up the misbehavior of this soldier along with the murder of Vanessa. Who was found in the same spot they search FIVE times, FIVE! Not once or twice but FIVE TIMES. Below you'll find a timeline of important incidents in this case. April 22 - Vanessa Guillen was last seen int he parking lot of a headquarters at  Ford Hood. April 27 - The Army's Criminal Investigation Command offered a reward for information $15,000 May 1 - Family members held a rally demanding answers in her disappearance. May 22 - Another peaceful protest outside of  Fort Hood with Vanessa's Family June 10 - The Guillen family hold a new conference in Houston asking for a federal investigation June 11 - National attention after Selma Hayek posted a picture of Vanessa Guillen in which she said "Bring Us Back Vanessa" June 22-  K-9 and Dive Teams joined the army and Texas rangers in the search near the Leon River after a tip. THEY DIDNT FIND ANYTHING AFTER SEARCHING FOR THE FIFTH TIME. Its the same place where Vanessa's remains were found on June 30th July 1 -  Aaron Robinson kills himself before the police can come and arrest him SUCIERIAS DE NEGRO I had period sex! Something that might gross some people out and others will say " Me too". Another taboo subject that very few people will talk about or even admit that they would like to do it. But I lucky don't fall in that category. Here are six reason why I think you should do and and we should freak out about having some blood on a towel.  1. Take advantage of the HORNINESS So Ive heard this from plenty of women that right before their period they become very horny. In addition, Ive had women agree that when they are on they period its the horniest they ever get. Fellas, I say we take advantage of this biological moment in life and have sex. 2. You may have a more Intense orgasm Who doesn't like to orgasm? I sure do. While women are on they period their uterus swells and puts pressure on nerve ends in her vagina. As a result making her much more sensitive and for some women this equals a higher chance of reaching the climax of a lifetime. 3. You DONT need lube. Listen this is pretty clear! You save a few buck and you get to have sex. The blood acts as a lubricant actually better than must lube brands used by a lot of people. 4. Helps her deal with the pain During her period you have heard of the mood swings, the cramps, needy, ect. So how can having sex while on your period help this? Well according to the certified sex therapist Donna Oriowo "Orgasms can lead to the uterine contractions, which can help the process of shedding the uterine lining along". In other words, get laid with the intentions to have less cramps and hopefully an shorted period. 5. The GLOW UP Aside from the fact that its taking away cramps, the body releases endorphins and oxytocin during sex that lead to lowering your stress level. Which comes in handy during your period 6. She deserves it! Shit WE Deserve it A period only stops a sentence and Ive taken a few stop signs. No women should feel ashamed of any natural process of her body. During this time of the month you should not feel obligated to not partake in certain sexual activities. And If your man isnt down then put him on time out for another week and tell him you think hes on his period. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/negrosparty/support

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