A Lo Oscuro Podcast Bonus: Childhood Trauma impacting your relationship


Jorge Ruiz (Newark, NJ) - Survivors of childhood trauma deserve to be happy, feel secure and have peace in a loving relationship. But sometimes our past haunts us without knowing how. A history of abuse and neglects can show up in your adult relationship in many forms, like trusting other people being a huge issue. So when it comes to trying to form an intimate relationship with another person can be terrifying and confusing. I sat down with Riana Milne a Certified Global Life & Love Coach; Childhood & Love Trauma Expert to talk about Ten Adverse Childhood Events that Sabotage Relationships. Here are some of traumas we spoke about  and in the video you will see how they affect our relationships today. 10. Addiction at home Living at home with some type of addiction ranging from alcohol, gambling, porn or the newest social media and more. 9. Verbal Abuse Seeing the verbal abuse being done to a family member or it being done to you 8. Emotional Abuse / Neglect Its as simple as you working a 9 to 5 and letting your children let themselves in to the home 7. Physical Abuse / Sexual Abuse The famous switch and being "disciplined" for certain behavior. And sexual abuse ranging from sexual molestation to rape 6. Abandonment A parent or special person in your life not being present ( Fault or No Fault) 5. Foster Care Having to go live with another extension of the family or living under the system. 4.  Personal Trauma Feeling different from other people or being on the free lunch programs at school. 3. Sibiling Trauma From your sibling bullying you or having to receive more attention because of some health problems. In addition, this may also be cause if you have a sibling that was considered the golden child. 2. Family Trauma / Community Trauma Dealing with a family member incarcerated, moving around a lot or community trauma like the one we are currently living with Covid-19 or Community shooting. 1. Mental Health Trauma Having to deal with a parent that has mental trauma and how they deal with their children. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/negrosparty/support

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