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Natel She's on Fire


NVT3L Bringing white hot Caribbean sounds to the Generation Smash faithful, Stavros Martina, Kevin D, Natel and The Carey James have created an infectious, party rousing track with ‘She’s on Fire’. The songs recognisable melodic texture will bellow across the sky as fans dive deep into the Kingston tones of The Carey James’ unmistakable rhythm and flow. The songs arrangement is low-slung but its packing energy that will have toe-tappers dancing on tables to the riddim grooves of this stand-out release; a song that is sure to become a true fan favorite in the music catalogue of the Generation Smash imprint. Masterfully crafted song with a beautiful sway and pace that is almost hypotonic.

  • Producer: Stavros Martina & kevin schaap & Kevin D
  • Album: She's on Fire (feat. The Carey James) - Single
  • Release Date: