Nate Gerry Wildfire


Nate Gerry

Sprawled out in the bed I made Waiting for my life to change When I feel I can show my face But sunlight is fading So I'll just keep waiting Pull the covers over my head Make-believe I'm already dead Buried right here where I lay But my thoughts keep leaping And my heart keeps beating Like a wildfire I'm burning down It's been a long time coming With this drought Like an earthquake rumbling I'm breaking up But I’ll be just fine This happens sometimes Oh I've felt this way before Stepped on like the kitchen floor I'll get up and dust myself off Sometimes when I'm lonely I feel like bologna But I'm a wildfire That's burning hot Sometimes too wild That I get caught But from the ashes I'll grow again A little stronger Than I was back then

  • Release Date: November 20, 2019

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