Nate Gerry This Is The Beginning


Nate Gerry

I'm part of a musical exquisite corpse when different songwriters write 1-minute long songs and then send the next songwriter the last 10 seconds. The next songwriter has to write the next segment for what will ultimately be a stitched-together song. I heard the lyrics, "Singing all day and all night" so I wanted to follow that up. I just left a 6-month stay at a retreat center where I had made a lot of special connections. Even though this has ended this is the beginning of new adventures for all of us. Lyrics: After singing all day and all night I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye Can we stay here for a little while longer? We hold each other like we can’t let go Will we cross paths again, only God knows But I’ll be taking you with me in my soul This isn’t goodbye, my love They can’t take away the memories This is not the end of us This is the beginning I can’t wait to hear what’s next As you realize your dreams This is not the end, my love This is the beginning

  • Release Date: November 8, 2019