Nate Gerry The New Normal


Nate Gerry

I saw an old man at the market today Bent over his cane, mask upon his face All he held in his hand was a loaf of bread Was risking his life worth it for a $4 purchase? The checkout line snaked around the edge of the store It was easy to see, we weren't spaced 6 feet People milled about and fingered the produce If we get sick, it'll be from this Welcome to the new normal There's no going back to before all this I wish we could Go back to the old that we knew As I pulled my car in to fill up my tank I felt my heart thump, how many hands touched this pump? I didn't wear gloves or bring sanitizer So I sped off trying to outrun the virus Everytime I sneeze I'm scared it's Corona Though it's probably my allergies Welcome to the new normal

  • Release Date: April 13, 2020