Nate Gerry The House On The Hill


Nate Gerry

You stand waiting on the shore A statue in the autumn cold A secret you so cleverly hid An easy smile on moonlight lips I leave myself there in the sand And follow you with outstretched hand You retreat as if pulled by wind You dress so pale and skin so thin Lamplight from the house on the hill Shadows breathe but the house is still You lead me to the double doors And slip inside without a word Corridors of dust and time I knew these halls like a nursery rhyme To the bedroom where we wasted away Foreign bodies and empty space I drift in and see you asleep Next to a man who is not me My heart would leap if it still beat I’d catch my breath if I still breathed He turns in for a goodnight kiss I howl as she licks her lips Oh, this house upon the hill I pace these halls silent still Why can’t I leave you behind When I’ve lost my body, heart and mind So listen closely for the creaks, Dripping faucets, the air that breathes There are spirits who remain Trapped here on this earthly plain May they find their way May they find their way

  • Release Date: November 17, 2019