Nate Gerry Shade of the Fireworks


Nate Gerry

In the shade of the fireworks Things that were illumined Now are too hard too see We really thought we had done it Enlightened the night But when shadows fell upon us We got lost in the tide How naive to believe we could be free from darkness Because we come in flesh and blood There’s darkness in all of us And the light that flashes by helps us all realize Our shames And hurts that hide deep down inside Will come to light someday In the shade of the fireworks All these souls around us Keep on stumbling around We need to find our center Stay grounded to the Earth Open up to heaven And listen close for the words When it seems like everything is crumbling to chaos All the monuments and arguments Fall away in the face of Emergency and prophecy, it’s a matter of time If we stop struggling and stay still We’ll find peace of mind In the shade of the fireworks Won’t you hold my hand So I know I’m not alone Sometimes I get frightened By the things in my mind But as long as you’re beside me We’ll be alright

  • Release Date: November 16, 2019