Nate Gerry Fuck You From A Song You'll Never Hear


Nate Gerry

As I wrote this song You told me I was too loud From the other room At the computer You said you couldn't concentrate You were rehearsing A speech about your mother About why you have a hard time speaking up You remind me of my mother How I had to make myself small To make room for the emotions flying around On my bed I'd sing my songs So quietly as not to disturb my family sleeping With the noise But it's not noise It music And now I'm older I want you to hear it I take up space And that's OK So fuck you for telling me to quiet down I could've said fuck you to your face I would have felt so justified In the moment But I stepped outside to write this song While mosquitoes suck my blood And the sun is going down So I smolder like a cigarette About to be stomped out So fuck you from a song You'll never hear Fuck you from a song You'll never hear Fuck you from this song

  • Release Date: July 31, 2019