Nate Gerry Burnt Toast


Nate Gerry

Song 2 for the Fearless Songwriting Challenge November 2019 "Burnt Toast". It's a song about burnt toast. LYRICS: One slice for the toaster Set the timer, let it roast As the click click click counts down Pull out your favorite plate Butter your knife, now wait For the ring ring ring to sound And so you step away It’s like every other day Of toast in the morning before work Then you catch a whiff Of something amiss You look up at the plumes of smoke You bolt up and unplug it But the damage has been done Your toast is a lump of coal But you’re running late And make no mistake There’s no break until you get home No amount of butter Or tasty spread Could bring this burnt toast back from the dead But just a little carbon Never did any harming And besides, you’re starving *crunch crunch crunch* Ew, that was gross

  • Release Date: November 12, 2019