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Sarey Savy, KingDow, Emanuel Brown Expen$ive

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Following the release of “SZNS OF LOVE”, Sarey Savy felt like I was running on empty. The EP was me going through the motions and writing things from a perspective of anxiety, resentment, and depression. Once that baggage was off my Sarey's shoulders, he started to feel a newfound passion of doing music from anger. “Expen$ive” is written with the intention of letting go of that blue feeling I once felt and replacing it with manifesting the best type of success for myself. The message derives from a place of not superficial or materialistic things, despite what the lyrics say. It comes from a place of moving on to better things and making those around you regret doing you wrong. Sarey Savy decided to team up with Emanuel Brown, & KingDow to share the sentiment of the song.

  • Producer: Sarey Savy
  • Album: K.S.E.
  • Release Date: