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Mr PRO Memories (cover)

  • Album: Memories (cover)


This is a cover of Maroon5 memories in a reggae version. The original mood of the song has been changed from sad to happy, though the lyrics are still retained. You can now dance to the new song and simply have fun with it. Listening to Maroon5 memories, I became so emotionally involved with it. Each time the song came up on radio, I literally paused everything I was doing and listened to it. I was so moved by the melody of the song. It got to a point that I started singing along. Later, I decided to sing it in a different mood. I started thinking of making it a danceable track. And , as a reggae artist, I had to do it in a reggae version.

  • Producer: Mocorebeat
  • Album: Memories (cover)
  • Release Date: