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MooseyLion Dreams Like Nightmares



This all started with a picture I saw a very long time ago.Then I had to believe in that picture with every single thing that makes me tick! in the sun,in the rain,in the ups,in the downs,in the rejection,in the frustration,in the pain,in the Everything this life has thrown at me.i couldn’t let that picture change, or my belief in the picture, And this is how far that picture has brought Me (Multiple Albums,Countless singles,A Management Deal,Radioplays,AirPlay on @MTVBasewest @Tracenaija,Shows alongside some of the biggest names out here,Respect,Street Credibility and most importantly The undying Love 💜of some of the realest on Ebute-Metta WestSide..I might not be where I’m meant to be yet but looking back makes me Thankful for how far have come. 🦁shii #Godistheplug

  • Producer: Leonebeatz
  • Album: No Time Is Late
  • Release Date: