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Spag Heddy Zoom (Moore Kismet Remix)

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Moore Kismet

Hey everyone! I'm beyond excited to be the first of many to drop my official remix for Zoom by Spag Heddy! This was, by far, one of my favorite tracks this year, so getting to unicornify it meant the world to me! I hope you all enjoy it!! (also s/o to Shibuya for the epic vocals in this, they are truly legendary <3) -------------------------------------------------------- Follow Moore Kismet ➤ @moorekismetbass discord: @moorekismetbass#4291 Follow Spag Heddy ➤ @spagheddy Follow Never Say Die ➤ Released by Never Say Die Records ℗ 2019 Never Sa

  • Producer: Moore Kismet
  • Album: Zoom (Remixes)
  • Release Date: