Paris based duo Andonian returns to Moodfamily for a fully glowing EP consisting of two original cuts and one remix by the enchanting Vaal. The title track leads you straight to the set of Carnivale. Seductive vocals whisper the main theme as a nifty beat supports a broiling bass line. Up and comer VAAL once again showcases her undeniable raw and pure talent with her interpretation of "Sometimes You Fall". After a hypnotic opening score, a stagnant groove leads to a high point, ending in an overwhelming joint effort of different synth themes. This contemporary view on electro from the robotic 80's is a true bombshell. "Citizen" closes the package and displays Andonian's gentle side. This one seems to boil with a hint of curiosity. It's a contagious track with an intricate arrangement, sudden shifts and a complex yet intriguing melody. This debut EP is a statement, coherent yet different, timeless yet contemporary and manages to remain bold and astonishing.

  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 3 songs
  • Release Date: