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Beazar releases his first complete EP - Short Circuit. "Asem" kicks off the EP with a clubby vibe. While jagged rhythmic percussion keeps the track on edge, a minimum of elements manage to keep you on your toes. Joran Van Pol strips it down even more in his remix and chooses a steady hypnotic adaption. Although "Tricks" is tongue-in-cheeck, intricate melodic phases bring some earnestness to the table. This is in contract to the more subtle -, nuanced groove and sounds in "Eerie", where vocal tricks, minimal melodies and tight, yet elaborate rhythms create a unique atmosphere. Future promise Andonian remixes Eerie and brings an after-hours vibe. This French duo manages to build tension, add numerous melodic textures and eventually tailoring it for the club while keeping focus at the same time.

  • Runtime: 41 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: