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Michel Montecrossa Wonderworld Of Love & Sweetness


SONG LYRICS Wonderworld Of Love & Sweetness Wonderworld of Love and Sweetness is a-comin’, comin’ to us all. Wonderworld of Love and Sweetness is a-tellin’, tellin’ what’s a-goin’ on. The nurse pushed through makin’ everyone look old. I don’t want to push it but she grew up in Spain, you know. I know it’s crazy but I have to say: The unemployment rate is too high over there. She swallowed something, it was the fourth try. Every couple wants to try sometimes. Eggs, you know, are fertilized outside the womb sometimes. You know all this, it’s a complicated time. But as long as we keep walkin’, the joggers and rollerbladers don’t have to be with her in Spain again but could be in England or France where it’s all the same. I keep thinking where to go to find a cure, my friends. Oh-Oh ...

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Fusion World Of Love & Sweetness Concert
  • Release Date: