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Michel Montecrossa Wild West Honey


Wild West Honey Wild West Honey is ridin’ up the road. She is so pretty and that is what she shows. Wild West Honey is ridin’ the horse. She is ready for shootin’, she’s the best, you know. The sheriff is hidin’ like everybody else. When she is choosin’, she chooses well. None of them fiddle farters is her deal. Wild West Honey is a woman for real. Wild West Honey is drivin’ the bar. She can drink, anything, that’s what she does. Wild West Honey is fiery wet indeed. Every whiskey dick shuts up when she screams. All the rovin’ gamblers, they know her well. She’s the famous gambler with the lucky hand. If you want to lose your money, go and play with her. If you’re lucky she will throw you into her bed. Wild West Honey is dancin’ all night long. With her it’s groovy partyin’, she knows..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Oktoberfest Party
  • Release Date: