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Michel Montecrossa The King Is Comin'


The King Is Comin’ It is always the journey through darkness to the light where you drop evil and where you take sin’s delight. That is what is said. It’s totally cheap. When I’m on the street I want to see. I’m the she-adventure, the sex forever cry. Young and horny, I need no intro, I simply try. You too think the basic thing is to be horny. I’m on an 18 search, I’m into cars and girls lookin’ for the dream-she, for me and a high-heeled pearl. No story is stronger than my love. She’s not only a sexy girl, she is totally in love. If it’s not that it is violence, takin’ care of you. But she is moist and playful and the one wantin’ always more, the girl alive. Wanna turn her on? A German man said to her: “You are gierig.” “No”, she said, “I’m shaven, I am wet. I am naked and dirty..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008 in Mirapuri, Italy
  • Release Date: