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Mirakali The Heart Of A Hero


The Heart Of A Hero (by Mirakali) Your thoughts travel the world this morning with the first sun rays touching earth. New morning, new birth, promise from the future that the world will rise again. The sun will shine with glory of a better world that will embrace our wounded earth and the life she carries on her. Your eyes see what is hidden, see what no one else can see. The curtains fall, the walls break down, the heavy gates open and light pours in that will heal and save, will protect with deep grace. Where are the ones that understand love can feel the meaning, can see what‘s needed? Give Love a place, give her a chance, a home, a life, a heart to be. Feel each of her time beats, her depth of eternity born into life to break the chains, to make you breathe immortality. Love ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Greetings Of Happiness From The Spirit Of Woodstock Festival 2015 In Mirapu
  • Release Date: