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Michel Montecrossa Talking Love & Unity World


Talking Love & Unity World Love and unity must rule our world. Love and unity make us all into friends. Love and unity for sure can change the whole world. Love and unity are good for all the working hands. I roam and I ramble and I follow the path, the true path of all the yearning hearts. And all around me I hear the song of sun and rain singin’ of the people of earth, of every nation on this world, singin’ of the people, cheated and mistreated, hopin’ and struggling, with proud voices chanting: “Love and unity are good for you and me!” Don’t be too clever, don’t be too smart. What we are creatin’ must come from the heart, must be like the skyway connecting us all, must be like the valley deep and strong and like the pasture free and young. Like all the people lovin’ and all the ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Love & Unity New Year Concert
  • Release Date: