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Michel Montecrossa Talking Isis: Talking Nuke Or Talk (Electric Version)


Talking ISIS: Talking Nuke Or Talk (Love & Freedom Are Most Wanted) “Allah commands the doing of good, he forbids all shameful deeds.“ This is what the Koran says, this is what ISIS must respect. In the Middle East the spiral of violence is heading towards nuclear war. ISIS now better takes a step for getting to the table to show respect. Voices are there that say: “Bomb the radicals to the table!“ “Bomb terror out of existence!“ It’s nuke or talk, peace or world war. Love and Freedom are most wanted! The answer is the doing of good, not the doing of shameful deeds. The answer is human unity, not torture, killing, greed, rape and insanity. That’s why I say to you: “Turn your eyes more to the coming light and less to any immediate darkness. So the light grows always.“ ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: The Thunder
  • Release Date: