Michel Montecrossa Soft Skin


Soft Skin I’m movin’ through that courage-space, the being of love is everywhere. Nearer you draw to me with eyes like honey and like candle-light warm with love, nchanting deep – of all the dreams the sweetest dream the one that’s comin’ to be real. And gentle I feel you near feel your heartbeat, feel the breeze of the nightwind’s fairy-light, whisperin’ magic of love’s might. And I touch you then, touch your soft skin and melodies from far capture my heart, mysteries of stars revealin’ who you are. It’s all unending, it always begins, the love, the wonder, the mighty thing. It’s always complete, needs to change. It moves everything yet stays the same. I touch it baby when I touch your soft skin. And all your dreams are real to me and you move infinity.

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: End All Your Wars
  • Release Date: September 22, 2015