Michel MontecrossaMy Song For The People

feat. Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few

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My Song For The People I sing my song for the people, for the workers and the wealthy, for the suffering and the healthy, for those on the street and those in the palace. You are the chance we need ‘cause you know the blindness and the vision, the silence and the wrong, the hate and all the love. Can I give you a job? Yes, I can. Can I give you meaning? Yes, I can. Can I give hope? Yes, I can. Can I give love? Yes, I can. I do as I sing and sing as I do. My world is the planet tomorrow. My world is the Mirapuri City of Peace and Futureman. It is a good place to come home. There it‘s a honor to help and to serve. There things are seen from a position of strength not lettin‘ things turn ugly. There the cycle of poverty is finally broken, education and health care are given for free ..