Michel Montecrossa Living On A Planet


I’m living on a planet, living just like you. I’m living on a planet, green and blue, with raindrops sad like you. We are weepin’, we are cryin’ with the trees a-fallin’ down, with the monkeys and the flowers that no more will see the dawn. I’m living on a planet. I’m living there – it’s my home. I’m a-lookin’ at the waterfall, see the rainbow glow, see the mountains and the valleys, see from where we come, see the time grow young. See all that faded come back again, see me living on a planet with you again, you: my love and friend. I’m living on a planet. I’m living there – till the end. I’m walkin’ with you through a free dream where we follow a living stream that no one has ever seen. We are laughin’, we are smilin’ and the trees touch the sky.

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Living On A Planet
  • Release Date: June 22, 2015