Michel Montecrossa Land Under Water


Land Under Water The land is under water, can’t you see it, my friend? The land is under water, and it’s not the end: other things are waitin’ and it’s not just climate change! A baby is a-cryin’ and there’s no helpin’ hand. Man forgets forgiveness. The land is under water, man is drowned in hatred and this is not the end. Other things are waitin’ just around the bend. Tomorrow won’t be easy unless you understand: kindness is the answer and to learn to be a friend. The hours of the darkness are long and full of pain when greed becomes your master and terror is your aim: the land is under water, without love it’s all in vain. The polar ice is melting, the weather changes fast. Volcanos are erupting and earthquakes hit us hard: the inner world is shakin’ when nature shows her wrath. ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Land Under Water
  • Release Date: