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Mirakali I Met An Artist


I Met An Artist (by Mirakali) I met an artist, an artist of a world that comes from there where love is born. I met an artist in the early morn and we looked at the sunrise and we saw the dawn. Light reached our eyes, light reached our hearts. Wind in the hair, wind touching our faces. The leaves in the tree dance, the birds sing a fantastic melody. They don‘t know any sorrow, they don‘t know depression, no despair. I met an artist and the day was young. We sat there, drank tea and roamed with the movements of our dreams. Consciousness and light, careless and free in the moment of peace, a moment of infinity. I met an artist and we felt young and felt immensity of an ocean of inspiring energy born from our love, born from our freedom to express itself in our art and music, movies ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: 2015 Girl
  • Release Date: