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Michel Montecrossa Green Earth


Song Lyrics Green Earth, my darling, I love you. Green Earth , I love you, sweet and round. I love your beautiful rivers. I love your fresh air all around. Green Earth is threatened by something, no more is that happy girl. Energy wasted is rising with poison into her clear air. There is something changin‘ her climate. O Lord! It‘s we and it‘s we who must change. Green Earth can do it all by her own. She can change her beautiful face. She can change into a desert, she can starve us straight to death. She can heat up all her oceans, she can drown our falsehood-worlds. She can melt her ice. She can change her life. It‘s we who pay the price. It‘s we and we will cry. We must start to change our habits, find the energies unbound of sun and wind and water and of brotherhood that counts.

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Sunray Revolution
  • Release Date: