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Michel Montecrossa Günter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad


GÜNTER GRASS IS RIGHT: WORLD WAR IS BAD Günter Grass is right: World War is bad. / We have to speak about the root of all / hate and misunderstanding, / of blindness and of anger, / of conflict and ill will. Günter Grass is right: about facts we have to talk / free in mind and true, ready to find the ways / to peace and understanding, / to celebration of humanity, / to joy of human unity. Günter Grass is right: trading of weapons is a danger / strengthening war in the world and the willingness to kill. / Better let us strengthen / the readiness to live together / and to solve our problems together. I see the people everywhere: they don’t want wars. / Old and young want peace and love for all the world, / good work and not poverty / freedom and the contacts / connecting all and making us..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Günter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad
  • Release Date:


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