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Michel Montecrossa Future Vision


The future is there and the vision is givin‘ the wideness, the truth and the new feelin‘. Dark things are bitter and love is better. Future Vision shows the ways that will conquer all hate. We don‘t have to live as fools burdened with heartless things, with crime and horror, with no answer at all. Keep the water clean and the food-prices gentle. Education give for free and healthy living. Build islands of light for peace and understanding and new energies and new children and for the way to the stars. We don‘t have to live blinded in the darkness, alone and forsaken, without joy and love, with no ray of hope. No, we can reach out and share our happy feelings. With intelligence and heart we can unite with all. In the end of all wars we can find the future: Rich and creative, ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Future Vision Concert
  • Release Date: