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Michel Montecrossa Freedomfire Burnin'


Freedomfire Burnin’ Freedomfire burnin’ for the way of light. Freedomfire burnin’ with the love that stays all fight. A lonesome soldier thinkin’ ‘bout freedom in the night. Later he’ll be killin’. Sure, it isn’t right. Lonesome are the hours before the mighty dawn. A few shall know the hour of the coming of the Lord, of the love, the only hope. Freedomfire burnin’ with revelation’s might. Freedomfire burnin’ in the heartbeat of my bride. The vision of the future, the fading of the past, the luminous unfolding of soul’s eternal path are the joyful ocean of the ever present now where union is revealed as the mystic goal of love that is the one. Sometimes I’m a-weepin’ tears and suffer cries for more with freedomfire burnin’ in my heart of hope. The cruelty of ignorance encircling ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Love & Freedom New Year Concert
  • Release Date: