Michel Montecrossa Fire On The Water


Fire On The Water Love enjoyments and the magic spells. Fire on the water and ringin’ of the bells. You are the woman with the power look. It’s not a question of diamonds or books. The horizon wide with thunder and blood. When you love all the world is shaken up. You have the thighs that matter much. Everything of you is woman, flesh and blood. The drums pound their rhythm of fire and hell. It’s death and yelling where the northwind wails. It’s the wheel of time killing all fears. Your breasts are young, I see the glow of your lips. Treachery and envy, weakness and lies. Shadows and corners can’t hide the spies. The doom of kingdom and silence of walls. Flickering of lamps and the doorsteps to the all. Your faith is like a torch in the traitor night. My lips have learned the silence..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Good Music Is What I Give
  • Release Date: