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Mirakali Deep Cosmos Kiss


Deep Cosmos Kiss (by Mirakali) The wideness is not man-made. Wideness is free. If we don‘t change we will disappear. There‘s the Deep Cosmos Kiss, there is eternal bliss. Your soul can understand. But your mind is too small. Your consciousness can touch it through identification. Experience. And no words are needed. True love. And there is understanding. I love to feel it. I love to dive into it: Deep Cosmos Kiss. I don‘t want to lose contact to what is really real. Man is the problem, but problems can be solved. Deep Cosmos Kiss. There‘s a world so wide. It feels like heaven and paradise and more, so much more. We will never find the words to describe what is without words; but we feel the Bliss so great, so deep, eternal and free. Deep Cosmos Kiss. I love to feel it. I love to dive..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: It's A Good Place - A Good Place To Be
  • Release Date: