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Michel Montecrossa Child Of Tomorrow


Child Of Tomorrow Child of tomorrow! Child of future call! The world feels the sorrow, feels when nature moans. The grip is hard of man’s hand on earth-nature’s throat! Child of tomorrow: when will you be born? I can see dead stuff in the water, the poison of greed in the air, bloodshed and misunderstanding spreading everywhere. The demons are multiplying, want to kill the heart of earth. Child of tomorrow: will this end with your birth? Peace, love and joy and unity sweet are the golden answers, you know, to all this sickening mischief, to the mad exploitation of all that should be preserved. Child of tomorrow: can you bring light to the earth? In long, lonely dark hours I endure the panic and the pain of the crisis of humanity, the struggle for the grain. In me I feel the power, ..

  • Producer: Michel Montecrossa
  • Album: Child Of Tomorrow Concert
  • Release Date: