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Mezzi Mae In ur dreams

Mezzi Mae

This is the first body of work I released ever! I've been making music for 6, now 7, years prior to dropping this EP. It was first brought into the world at the beginning of 2020 and the overall vibe I wanted to cultivate was chill, sensual, and dreamy... that's why I decided to call it, "In ur dreams". The first song I wrote off this EP was "Rounds", and that's when I knew that I needed to complete my vision. I wanted to give an experience that would have a bigger impact and a better view into the world I created. From there, 4 more songs were born. "High with Me, Casual, Wavy, and Elevated". I did produce and write all of the songs on this EP myself so I hope you guys can vibe out in my dream world with me ☁️✨

  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: