Mercury Blake

Mercury Blake is one the illest young upcoming Emcee. Started Rapping 11 years ago he is known for his ability to create effective punchlines, schemes and complex double entendres in his music . HE Grew up listening to the Rappers like EMINEM,Tu-pac,Snoop Dog,N. W. A,Wu Tan Clan , LL COOLJ , Nas,Big L,Big Pun Mos Def, Rakim,Game,J Cole,Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Hopsin and Slaughterhouse. Despite his change of name From Shadytunez to MERCURY, He is still very much Influenced by the kind off Rappers he listens too. Mercury Blake is a well drilled student of hip hop. He got his own style of Music and also trying to make a name for himself. Here is the new Ep titled Painter Street he promised to release before the year runs out titled “PAINTER STREET”. He showed his lyrical ability and another style or approach to the rap game. There where also guest musicians that was featured :- Ezed, Emde Slim, Mowet, Timie Thrill, Hezgawd and Sea . They all came in with their A game. This is a Sensational Rap album if you love hip hop and still believe real rap still exist.

  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date:

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