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Mello Seven Mello Seven - Stay Safe (COVID-19 sensitization in Sierra Leone)


Mello Seven

As an Entertainer and a good christian, it's part of my societal duty and role to educate my fans and the general populace about our new common enemy (COVID-19), mainly focusing on the preventive measures we can practice to minimize our chances of contacting the virus, and how we can also act swiftly but smartly if we notice any of the symptoms communicated through the accompanying soundtrack.. During this time, we must all be reminded of the basic fact that at the end of the day we are all humans.. We all need each other to balance the equation👬🏻👬🏽👬🏿 This is not the time to point fingers This is not the time to be greedy and selfish Instead it is a time to test our faith,our personality and our character🙌🏽 Therefore do not let Panic n Fear cause you to do the unthinkable...

  • Producer: Lamzo Jay
  • Album: COVID-19 Is Real
  • Release Date: