Top 20 Puerto Rico

  • Runtime: 45 minutes, 11 tracks
  • Playlist Creator: Max Escobar
  • Last updated: September 13, 2020

Max Escobar

Welcome to Audiomack’s Top 20 Latin Charts. These specially curated charts exist to close the gap between commercial success and street buzz. We pride ourselves on the Top 20 series, because radio success will not determine chart placement. We’re here for quality artists and quality music first, the numbers come second. Featuring Nio Garcia, Darell, and Casper Magico, Alex Rose, Anuel AA, the Puerto Rico Top 20 chart is a who’s who of the artists moving music forward from Puerto Rico to the universe. We’re charting everyone from Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny, to the men behind the smash “Te Bote,” to Anuel AA and Alex Rose. Press play to discover your new favorite artist and find out who in Puerto Rico is moving music forward.

  • Runtime: 45 minutes, 11 tracks
  • Updated on: September 13, 2020