Matisse Marie EXPWY Vol 1: TISSE EP

EXPWY Volume 1 is Matisse Marie's first full body of work. It consists of six different tracks that take you through the mind of the artist. Matisse captivates and captures the listener with her strong cadence and lyrical ability. The intro "The Blame Pt 1" opens with an onslaught of bars that demands the listeners attention. While the second track "Bitterness" allows the listener to become intimate with Matisse due the showcasing of her emotions. The third installment "Room 24" depicts Matisse's perspective and point view as of late. "Clarity" examines the process of finding blessings in the grey and transcending your current circumstances to become greater. "101" closes out the project with high energy, strong word play, and extreme confidence.

  • Producer: Rob Rayn, D.sanders, Teddy Hinson, N2deep & Chuck daily
  • Runtime: 12 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date:


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